Monday, June 26, 2006

The view from San Miguel

I've been thinking about San Miguel often this week. I'm extremely busy trying to finish another draft of my book, but we're now three weeks away from departure and I have loads to do.

This is a street photo I took in San Miguel in January. Notice the child standing in the doorway. Ken, the children and I walked for hours that day looking for the Mexican neighborhood, and finally found it just a few blocks off the main square (jardín). I had imagined the Mexican population would be pushed further away from the jardín, but as it turns out, they are not. San Miguel sits on an impressive hill and has a lovely view from the highest points. Those neighborhoods are apparently where many American and other foreign residents live. The Mexican neighborhood has no vista, but is nevertheless lovely.

As we walked around the city that day, we stopped in several shops to buy water. In the shops surrounding the jardín, a bottle of water costs about 20 pesos, or around $2 US dollars. In the Mexican neighborhood, it runs around 9 pesos, or 90 cents. We plan to do most of our shopping and eating in the Mexican part of town.

Ken and I have big work deadlines this week, and then we plan to take the weekend off and escape to West Virginia to visit my mother. We'll start to pack when we get back, and I'll dig out my fieldwork equipment and start testing it. It should be interesting, I've decided to go digital with fieldwork collection this time.

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