Monday, November 06, 2006

Suffering Fools

This Op-Ed by Fareed Zakaria was republished in the print version of today's Washington Post. His argument is clear and straightforward: 2/3 of all American favor immigration reform, even an amnesty/guest worker program for those who are here and currently undocumented. Immigration provides overall benefits to the economic situation of all Americans, even those who are unskilled and/or at the lower end of the wage scale.

The problem, a small vocal (I would add prone to hysterics) minority have managed to hijack the discourse on immigration, stalling any hopes of reform.

The good news? It is likely that tomorrow our congress will look much different from the one that adjourned in September. That shift, along with President Bush's desire to craft comprehensive immigration reform, make a legislative overhaul more likely.

Mr. Zakaria suggests that its time to stop suffering fools. The majority needs to push back on those who shamelessly use immigrants to their political advantage and the nativists who are afraid of cultural and ethnic difference. Immigration is a benefit for all Americans. Its time it has been acknowledged as such.

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