Friday, December 01, 2006

Got false documents?

I know one place where they are no longer available here in Northern Virginia. Robert T. Schofield, a supervisor with Homeland Security in the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, pleaded guilty yesterday to providing hundreds of undocumented immigrants false documents. Mr. Schofield made up to $10,000 per immigrant on these transactions, which the Washington Post reports most of his transactions were with Asian immigrants.

Unfortunately for Mr. Schofield, this is not his first brush with inappropriate behavior on the job. He was also reprimanded for having an "inappropriate relationship" with a woman connected to an INS criminal probe. He fled the U.S. after he was confronted about the relationship, then he proceeded to make $36,000 worth of unauthorized purchases on his government-issued credit card.

All of this should lead to some serious evaluations of the way that Homeland Security operates and its supervisors are supervised; in most of the low profile government agencies, simply making unauthorized purchases on the government-issued credit card is grounds for dismissal.

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