Wednesday, May 02, 2007

About credit cards and the undocumented

Recently I've been getting a curious number of comments on a post make months ago (The Bank of America offers credit cards to the Undocumented). It's curious because it's such old news. Then, I realized that many of the posters are actually linked back to credit card sites, typically those who advertise "easy credit."

So while they try to use my site to blast the undocumented, typically with statements like, "it's really wrong to offer credit to the undocumented," they are simultaneously trying to attract customers for MORE EASY CREDIT.

You dogs.

So let it be known that this is an advertising-free space. While I welcome varied and thoughtful opinions about immigration and emigration, I will not allow anyone to pimp their businesses here, especially those who attempt to do so on the backs on the undocumented.

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