Friday, October 30, 2009

Opposing Lou Dobbs

Is someone trying to kill Lou Dobbs?

Apparently, he thinks so.  Dobbs recently reported an incident where his wife was shot at in front of his home.  Dobbs claims that pro-immigrant groups have been after his hide for his vitriolic anti-immigrant rhetoric, which has been linked to hate groups.  That aside, was this a true attempt on  Dobb's life or (more accurately) his wife's life?

NJ State police don't seem to think so.  Apparently, Dobbs lives in an area where hunters frequent, and the troopers tend to think that this was a hunting accident.  If it wasn't, the alleged murderer wasn't a very good shot.  The officer noted that the bullet struck the "'apex of the house, near the roof,' high above a standing person."

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