Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama's bold step on immigration reform.

This editorial supports President Obama's decision to move forward quickly on the issue of immigration, but acknowledges that this will be a difficult battle.  It also offers the following aspects that the DMN would like to see in an immigration overhaul, and statistics from the America's Voice survey (conducted in May 2009):

Key elements we seek
•An expanded guest-worker program
•Easier employer verification of applicants' status
•Tougher sanctions for employers of illegal labor
•Improved border security
•A tough but clear route for illegal immigrants to gain documented status

Attitudes toward reform
58% strongly support measures similar to the administration's package
28% somewhat support
14% oppose
72% favor congressional action sooner, not later
27% oppose

Among Latino voters in 12 states:
82% say the immigration issue is somewhat or very important
87% say they would not vote for a candidate who favors forced deportation
75% say they are very likely to vote in the 2010 election
(SOURCE: America's Voice survey in May; margin of error: 3.1-3.5%)

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