Sunday, August 06, 2006

The week in pictures (July 31-August 7)

We've had a busy week, traveling around more than usual for interviews (in Guanajuato, Delores Hidalgo, and Textitlán). While I was working, my family took an opportunity to see the sights.

As we arrived in Guanajuato.
Photo by Ken Shutika

Guanajuato sits in a very narrow valley and climbs straight up very steep hills. This is an alley near the jardín.

In front of one of SMA's world famous doors.
Photo by Ken Shutika

The guys nap on a fountain in Textitlán's jardín.
The park's benches were wet after a hard rain.

Nopal fruit just before a storm. Taking this photo was my sister, Susuan's idea. The nopal bear fruit this time of year. I plan to sample one before this field trip ends.

With my husband, Ken, in Delores Hidalgo.
Photo by Susan Lattanzi.

One of Guanajuato's world renouned mummies.

Mirador (overloook). The city of Guanajuato (photo by Ken Shutika).

The Guanajuato hillside.

With my mother in the Templo to el Señor de Esquipulitas (the Black Christ).
Photo by Ken Shutika.

Remember Bebe and her mother Jo? Here she poses with her "husband"
Pepe and my daughter. Bebe and Pepe had a "real" wedding, complete
with a reception with over one hundred guests (no kidding).

At SMA's Tuesday Market, there are a wide variety of vendors selling just about everything, including puppies and baby chicks. Here is a puppy and his ducky companion. The vendor explained that the duck and pup keep each other company.

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Andrew said...

That all looks spectacular! Thanks for providing the virtual tour.

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