Thursday, July 06, 2006

Prepping to go, watching the news

Yesterday I was perusing the web to get the latest information on the Mexican elections. I was not happy to find out how close the election is and that there are rumors of political unrest in Mexico City. The idea that Mexicans might protest, and that it might even get out of hand, doesn't worry me nearly as much as the Washington Post burying the latest story on page 12 this morning. I know there is a lot going on, but as our closest neighbor, what happens in Mexico is always significant. I am appalled that this is getting so little coverage.

What does this have to do with my project? Well, everything and nothing. I'm working in Guanajuato, a PAN stronghold, so I seriously doubt that there will be too much trouble if the PAN candidate wins (the problems in Mexico City are related to the fact that the PRD candidate has his strongest support there; his supporters have vowed to take to the streets). Still, this is something I'm watching closely, mainly because I'll have my children with me when we leave for Mexico next week. I also wonder how the elections, particularly potential social upheaval, might influence the lives and attitudes of retirees and other expats living in San Miguel and the surrounding area.

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