Saturday, July 29, 2006

The week in pictures

Much to my surprise, most expatriate retirees like to take the weekend off and, in general, are not available for interviews. For the next few days I'll be filling in the blanks from the week, and here are some photos of our week in the field:

At our summer camp school. The kids' are in a bilingual institute for the next few weeks. They have formal language instruction, fieldtrips, cooking and crafts. Here they're posed with a monjiganga, one of the large puppets that are commonly paraded in fiestas in Mexico. It was made a one of the craft projects by students in the school.

Ken was facinated by the road construction techniques in use here that essentially reproduce the roads as they have been here for over 400 years. Most of the streets are cobblestone, but along Ancha de San Antonio they use flat pavers.

Our neighbor's dog, Cerveza.

The Parrochia (Parish Center) on Wednesday evening after Gringo Happy Hour. This was taken right before it started to pour (about 8:15 PM).

Making contacts. Walking on our way to camp, we stop to pet our neighbor's Border Collies.

The last day of camp. Every week on Fridays the camp throws a party with Tunas, tamales, and lots of good cheer.

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