Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Take a Bite out of Crime: Reform Immigration

This op-ed essay in La Opinión considers the link between homeland security and immigration law, pointing out that in order to keep the homeland secure, law enforcement needs to focus on criminals, not immigrants.  Just as alarming is the increase in human rights violations that are related to the U.S.'s lack of consistent responses to immigration violations. It reads in part:

The issue has become more urgent as weeks and months have passed. Just yesterday, a series of security experts, including former immigration commissioners, border area police chiefs, and others concerned with law and order, indicated that reforming immigration laws can only help them improve security and focus their resources where they should be: on fighting crime.

The situation is critical. Arrests of undocumented immigrants fell on the southern border by 23% during the fiscal year that just ended, but migrant deaths increased due to the risky crossing and the smugglers’ tactics.

The violation of civil and human rights in the enforcement of current immigration policies in a legal framework that no longer works has become—more than concerning—cause for alarm.

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