Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Border Backfire

As we move into the final weeks before the November election, the polls suggest that in the key border states, the decision to take an enforcement only approach to immigration reform may cost the GOP seats.

In Arizona, Minuteman volunteer and Congressional candidate Randy Graf has consistently taken a hard-line enforcement approach to immigration reform. He assumed that frustrated voters in this border state would overwhelmingly support his approach.

It appears he may have miscalculated.

Graf's opponent, Gabrielle Giffords favors a comprehensive immigration reform, much like the one proposed by President Bush. Graf has been endorsed by John McCain, but the GOP cancelled roughly $1 million in planned television advertisements they had planned to run from Graf. At the moment, polls show Giffords pulling ahead slightly.

It appears the people who actually live next to the U.S.-Mexico border realize that a fence would not stem undocumented immigration, and would like to see a more comprehensive approach to the issue.

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