Friday, October 06, 2006

The Spell of San Miguel

This month's Atlantic features another "discovery of San Miguel" article. No new ground here, but it points out that as the city grows and becomes more agringado, it will appeal to more people like this author (monolingual and with little knowledge or experience of Mexico), and no doubt spur on emigration and settlement of retired gringos from the U.S.


Cindi Bower said...

What a good word, agringado! It fits the situation, but it's too bad the situation needs its own word. I fear Guanajuato is going to become agringado too now that prices are increasing in San Miguel de Allende.

Is it possible for you to post this article or at least a summary on your blog? I'm not a subscriber to the magazine (maybe I should be).

Thanks for all your posts. I enjoy reading them!

Cindi in Guanajuato

Deb said...

Hi Cindy, Send me an e-mail with your e-mail address,and I'll be happy to send it to you.

Anonymous said...

as much as I loved SMA when we first visited, we too are exploring further afield in Mexico, searching for towns that we can visit without having them turn into outposts of America. We visit Mexico because we love its culture, people, terrain.

And i'm reluctant to divulge where we are heading. don't want it to be too crowded when we get there!


reportero said...

Gringo colonies are taking hold in some of the most unexpected places. I encountered a small one in Jerez, Zacatecas, a pretty spot that's very chilly in the winter. I've always been partial to Colima, myself, but work has me near the colonies of Lake Chapala.

La Jerezana said...

So pleased when I saw Jerez, Zacetacas complimented. My parents are from there and since discovering it myself as a child, I love it! I admit I have romanticized the small town but it lends itself so easily. I have night blooming Jasmine outside my window and in the summers, when I sleep, the fragrance takes me back to Jerez.