Thursday, October 12, 2006

Culpeper Backs Off

It turns out that the hype we've been reading in the Washington Post about Culpeper and their anti-immigration proposals have been more of a one-man show than a broad community movement. Today's Richmond Times Dispatch reports that when Councilman Steve Jenkins put forth his proposals to hire enforcement officers to do bed inspections in the town's homes, his motion did not even receive a second from the Council.

This turn of events can be interpreted at least two ways. People in town, feeling the media pressure, have backed away from the nativist proposals. It is also entirely possible that the Post irresponsibly reported Mr. Jenkin's personal opinions as the opinions of the entire community.

Either way, Jenkins has vowed not to give up. The article notes that he has recommended that the Council hold a public hearing on illegal immigration, and he plans to ask council at next month's meeting to consider forming a task force to study the local impact of undocumented immigrants and he would like to see representatives from the court system, schools and hospitals serve on his proposed task force.

Based on his lack of support so far, it seems unlikely that Jenkins will have much success. Perhaps he should look for another scapegoat for his community's perceived problems.

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