Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Immigrant Sanctuary

Allentown, Pennsylvania has decided to take the high road in the immigration debate. An ordinance was put forth before the city council to make Allentown a " city to be seen as a place where immigrants are welcome and have full civil rights." Similar proposals have been put forth in Erie, PA, Trenton, NJ and Princeton, NJ. The idea is to create an environment where the undocumented can apply for legal permanent resident status.


Anonymous said...

This ridiculous "sanctuary proposal" cannot "create an environmnet" for an illegal alien to apply for legal residency. "Immigrants" are not "illegal aliens" and have rights to seek to adjust their status if their visas permit them to do so. Illegal aliens and certainly those who pander to them or profit from them are not above the law.

Deb said...

Any one who resides in the U.S. has guaranteed protection of their civil and human rights, which is the point of this ordinance. Allentown is acknowledging the importance of their immigrant community, documented and undocumented alike, and working to provide opportunities for the undocumented to enter the system.

You can call them names if you like, but unauthorized immigrants are immigrants nonetheless.